Bids & Applications

Bids and applicationsSuccessful funding bids present a reasoned case, backed up by evidence.

We can help you show how your proposals are a natural fit to the judgement criteria, developing a compelling rationale with a well-structured argument.

We use our experience as an HLF Consultant to work with clients on HLF applications. We deliver Interpretation Plans, Audience Development Plans, Activity Plans, Evaluation Plans, and Visitor Journeys to support their case. We can review organisation policies, staffing structures, schedules and budgets.

We can help you to:

  • Map how your proposals match the funding criteria
  • Evaluate your current situation to show why change is needed
  • Analyse and research audiences to explain core and target audiences
  • Develop a clear and compelling rationale for why funding is needed and evidence of the benefits it will bring
  • Create content and interpretation schemes to show an enhanced and compelling visitor experience that engages target audiences
  • Present the bid as a progression of previous work and activities, highlighting organizational capability and past record
  • Show how the visitor experience will work on the ground, including Visitor Payback Points, Visitor Experience Journeys, Behaviour Modelling and Visitor Engagement Mapping