interpretation_top2Successful organisations choose the most appropriate methods to communicate to their users.

We can help you reach out to your visitors through a variety of innovative high-tech and low-tech interpretation activities as well as digital methods and traditional means such as print and text.

We can help you:

  • Define your key messages and match them to your target audiences
  • Engage visitors in a wide range of subjects, including turning architecture into an exhibit
  • Produce an interpretation scheme including active interpretation on-site, display text, print and digital
  • Plan how to integrate interpretation into existing situations or into design proposals, working with architects, designers and contractors, etc
  • Develop a range of active interpretation to engage visitors, either high-tech (computer interactives, film, audio, etc.), low-tech (hands-on activities, touch objects, text panels and labels, etc.) and digital (website, mobile content)
  • Commission  and manage the production and installation of interpretation, working with specialist companies and developing structures for generating and delivering content
  • Provide for visitors with disabilities by providing accessible material – Braille, large print, raised diagrams, enhanced audio description, subtitles, etc.

We have developed over 150 interpretation activities in the cultural sector. Here is a small sample on the V&A website:

Architecture films –  Trafalgar Square: Heart of a city; Virtual Tour of the Phaeno Science Centre

Audio – Benjamin Zephaniah on the Portrait of Francis Williams

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