Audience Research & Development

Audiences and Visitor ExperienceGaining detailed insight into your visitors is the key to successful development.

We can show you how to get to know your visitors in the same way that businesses know their customers. By borrowing research techniques from the commercial sector, we can build up detailed profiles of all existing and potential audiences, their characteristics, interests, values and motivations.

We can help you to:

  • Determine what you already know about your current audiences and identify potential new audiences
  • Plan and undertake audience research to fill any knowledge gaps, drawing on a wide variety of methods
  • Develop Audience Profiles that record the key information about each audience group. Audience Profiles can be built up as you gather more information and inform decisions and strategic decision-making
  • Train and work with staff and volunteers in small-scale research, for longer-term audience development and to improve data collection
  • Use audience understanding to inform choices and strategic decision-making
  • Define your immediate core and target audiences, as well as priorities for the future
  • Produce Audience Development Plans
  • Support HLF and other funding bids

See our case study on audience research in Museums Practice: