Visitor Experience & Offer

visitor_experience_offer_topSeeing your organisation through the eyes of your visitors will help you transform their understanding and enjoyment and improve the quality of every visit.

We can take a fresh look at all aspects of the visitor journey, from when visitors are thinking about visiting and exploring your website right the way through their visit to when they leave and afterwards.

We can audit their experience, suggesting both short- medium- and long-term areas for improvement. Often we uncover quick changes that are easy and cheap to implement. We can help prioritise changes into a phased plan, related to available budget and resources.

We can also use the knowledge you have on your visitors to help determine the best match of what you have to offer with what audiences want from a visit. Often this is a package of things, including catering, retail, etc. Developing the visitor offer gives your visitors clear reasons to visit, improving marketing, visitor footfall and income.

We can help you to:

  • Audit the visitor experience to identify barriers to access and where visitors have to work hard, often uncovering low-cost, immediate improvements
  • Plan a Visitor Experience Development Strategy to improve the visitor experience, with phased changes for different budget categories
  • Look at particular elements of the visitor journey, such as pre-visit website information, entrances, ticketing or specific displays or galleries. This is particularly useful as part of a re-development plan or for funding bids
  • Develop great visitor offers that match what audiences want from a visit
  • Analyse proposed designs to show the likely impact on visitors – useful for HLF bids/reports, funders, etc.