Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

NMRNLed the project team for this major re-development project over several years, centred on a new Royal Marines Museum, a new Collections Centre to give public access to a range of stored collections and archives, a re-developed Visitor Centre, improved visitor experience and branding across the whole site, all within the constraints of part of the site being a working Royal Navy dockyard.

Trained staff in audience development, introducing a new approach to understanding visitors, uncovering perceptions and understanding of the Royal Marines and Navy.

Used detailed audience insight to then create new topics, storylines, and activities that would engage different audiences. Worked these into innovative concepts for the Museum and Collections Centre, outline content for different zones and a range of hi-tech and low-tech interpretation. Working closely with the gallery designers, developed the Interpretation Strategy for both the new Museum and Heritage Centre. Co-authored the successful National Lottery bid, awarded £16m.

Deep visitor understanding was fed into re-developing the Visitor Centre to give visitors more of an idea of the whole site, what they can see, where everything is, what they can do today and where to begin. Improved ticketing and information, speeding up entry and reducing visitor queueing.

Transferred this approach to identifying improvements for other associated museums, including the Fleet Air Arm Museum and Royal Navy Submarine Museum.