Projects and Funding Bids

Bids and applicationsWe add value to all project stages. Early on, we help develop an exciting vision that will engage your key audiences and give them a memorable experience. We are often brought in to review projects, giving a realistic appraisal of early ideas and plans, bringing a fresh pair of eyes.

We work with project teams to develop the project through the concept stage to shape more detailed proposals – creating themes, topics, storylines, content, displays, visitor experiences and interpretation that excite and attract visitors. This saves you time and budget in later design stages and builds a solid foundation for further development.

We are practiced at working with gallery designers and architects though detailed design and installation, ensuring plans still meet visitors’ needs, will work in the physical space and address organisational priorities.

As a UK National Lottery Consultant, we evaluate projects on aspects of the public engagement of heritage and interpretation and draw on this experience to support project funding bids and fundraising.