Storylines and Interpretation

interpretation_top2We turn visitor insight and the visitor offer into a new vision. We create fresh narratives, storylines, topics, displays and interpretation that will really attract visitors and give them what they want from a visit.

We apply a variety of techniques to generate new approaches and then to test, refine and audit concepts as they develop. We make the most of venues and collections whilst engaging different audiences and maintaining a cohesive storyline.

We engage visitors in different ways through active interpretation. We have developed, commissioned and installed over 150 digital and hands-on interpretation activities, bringing subjects to life.

We are particularly interested in engaging visitors with architecture, founding the Labelling Buildings scheme that provides physical and on-line labels to turn buildings into exhibits.

Here is a small sample of our interpretation on the V&A website:

Architecture films –  Trafalgar Square: Heart of a city; Virtual Tour of the Phaeno Science Centre

Audio – Benjamin Zephaniah on the Portrait of Francis Williams