home_top2Giving visitors a better experience increases visits, enhances the perception and value of your organisation and boosts sales.

At Colin Mulberg Consulting we have over 20 years practice in improving the visitor experience for museums, galleries, historic properties and sites and in the commercial sector.

We can support you every step of the way through a project or help with particular stages – from developing the concept, defining key audiemces and applying for funding, through to working with designers, creating interpretation and coordinating build and installation.

Or we can audit your venue to uncover simple ways to make better visits.

Whatever the size of the task or budget, we make a difference  – from single displays, entrances, ticket desks and websites to large-scale projects, interpretation schemes and complete museums.

Visitors are our key focus. We specialize in gaining insight into their interests and motivations and match these with your collections, attractions, buildings and site to form a compelling offer for your audiences.

Email: colin@colinmulberg.com
Mobile: 07757 800943