Colin Mulberg Consulting – Improving The Visitor Experience


At Colin Mulberg Consulting, we specialise in putting visitors at the heart of what you do.

We use a unique linked approach:

Audience Insight  – Go beyond standard marketing, gain deep insight into your audiences and what makes a great visit for them.

Visitor Offer – Develop compelling offers that really match what your visitors want.

Visitor Experience – Improve the whole visitor journey so that every visit is the best it can be.

Income Generation –  Uncover opportunities to charge visitors for added value.

Build Resilience – Support a visitor-focused strategy and manage change right across your organisation to look outwards to your visitors.

We work with venues big and small across the UK and internationally, sometimes on small, incremental changes in one or two areas or on large strategic development in many – see our Clients/Projects list.

We make projects successful by creating exciting proposals – audience insight matched to visitor offers and compelling visitor experiences, including storylines and interpretation.  Our work removes risk and saves time and budget before design development.

We are a registered UK National Lottery Consultant and have a strong track record of supporting funding bids.

Talk to us about your needs – whatever the size of the task or budget, we make a difference.

Mobile: + 44 (0)7757 800943